Lions Christmas Cakes or Pudding

Lions Christmas Cakes or Pudding

Lions Christmas Cakes or Pudding

Prices for 2023 Christmas

Lions Christmas Cake song.

Lions Christmas Cakes or Pudding

Lions Christmas Cakes or Pudding make a great Christmas gift to your employees or clients. This is the choice of an increasing number of organisations and businesses.

Lions Christmas Cakes and Pudding are also an excellent choice for Christmas presents to friends and family or maybe yourself.

1.5kg Lions Christmas Cake $20 ea.
1kg Lions Christmas Cake $16 ea.

Lions Christmas Pudding $16 ea.

Contact your local Lions Club for Lions Christmas Cakes or Pudding..

Lions Christmas Cake or Pudding

Why a Lions Christmas Cake or Pudding? Here are 10 good reasons.

  1. All the profits raised go back to the community in the way of Medical Research, Disaster Relief and many other Local Projects.
  2. The cakes and puddings are of a high quality baked in Australia by a well-known brand.
  3. Lions Christmas Cakes have been a proven popular quality product for over 40 years.  
  4. The prices are very reasonable at $16 to $20.
  5.  The Cakes or Puddings can be enjoyed by the entire family.
  6. They are nicely boxed with a Christmas theme so no further wrapping is required.
  7. Order now well ahead of Christmas so there are no hassles at that busy time.
  8. Your local Club will try and deliver to your business.
  9. We are also flexible with orders and can-do part cartons of cakes or a mixture of cakes and puddings.
  10. We accept bank transfer or FPOS and provide a receipt.

History of Lions Cakes briefly below.

Lions Christmas Cake Program had its beginnings back prior to 1965. The project has proved successful, and sales have been astronomical since the inception of the program.

Cakes have been baked by Australia’s leading food companies since 1983. All cakes are baked to the relevant identical recipe by the manufacturer, ensuring a uniform, high quality product.

Annual sales nationally are approximately $6,500,000 and the funds raised by Clubs are for Save Sight, Health, Welfare and Humanitarian projects. It is estimated that since the inception of the program as a National Project funds raised have exceeded…. $47,000,000.

This is an outstanding result and reflects community support for Lions Clubs.

Besides all of this the Cakes actually taste great and always leave you wanting more.

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